Our people make us who we are.

We're instigators. Fire starters. Provocateurs. We rock the boat. We cross the line. We make it rain. We're tech savvy, brand savvy and strategically solid. We're planners. Schemers. Your clever, calculating coconspirators bent on getting you a bigger piece of that market share pie.

  • Dan Knapp
    Dan Knapp
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Alan Gilleo
    Alan Gilleo
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Ryan Woolfolk
    Ryan Woolfolk
    Sr. Motion Designer
  • Tosh Tafel
    Tosh Tafel
    Software Developer
  • Brandon Faris
    Brandon Faris
    President, LEAP Frame
  • Chad Curtis
    Chad Curtis
    Sr. Software Developer
  • Keith Adams
    Keith Adams
    Associate Art Director
  • Lillian Winn
    Lillian Winn
    Executive Assistant
  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor
    VP of Accounts
  • Michael Wunsch
    Michael Wunsch
    Agency Principal, EVP Digital Performance
  • Ryan Kolatalo
    Ryan Kolatalo
    VP, Technology
  • Sarah Pritts
    Sarah Pritts
    Sr. Account Manager
  • Griffin McChesney
    Griffin McChesney
    Sr. Software Developer
  • Jon Mark Larson
    Jon Mark Larson
    Search Marketing Specialist
  • Timothy Sauer, PhD
    Timothy Sauer, PhD
    Sr. Data Scientist
  • Michael Tang
    Michael Tang
    Sr. Systems Engineer
  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones
    Jr. Software Developer
  • Francisco Cardona
    Francisco Cardona
    IT Support Specialist
  • Colleen Donohoue
    Colleen Donohoue
    Producer, LEAP Frame
  • Sarah Powers
    Sarah Powers
    Lead Creative, LEAP Spark
  • Hayli Goode
    Hayli Goode
    Marketing Manager
  • Thomas Hynes
    Thomas Hynes
  • Marcus Livers
    Marcus Livers
    Linux Administrator
  • Robert Young
    Robert Young
    Senior Account Manager
  • Margit Fawbush
    Margit Fawbush
    Director, Client Services
  • Shannon Fuller
    Shannon Fuller
    Senior Project Manager, LEAP Spark
  • Ruby DeWitt
    Ruby DeWitt
    Director, LEAP Amp
  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith
    President, LEAP Amp
  • Hannah Fogle
    Hannah Fogle
    Designer, LEAP Amp
  • Tyler Stiebling
    Tyler Stiebling
    Marketing Consultant
  • David Pagan
    David Pagan
    Jr. Web Developer
  • Scott Tucker
    Scott Tucker
    Jr. Software Developer
  • Will Browning
    Will Browning
    Sr. Software Developer
  • Reena Trivedi
    Reena Trivedi
    Jr. Web Developer
  • Jeff Chambers
    Jeff Chambers
    Sr. Copywriter
  • Dan Rapp
    Dan Rapp
    Creative Director
  • Todd Lipscomb
    Todd Lipscomb
    Associate Creative Director
  • Alisha Lochtefeld
    Alisha Lochtefeld
    Graphic Designer
  • Bryan Todd
    Bryan Todd
    Sr. Designer
  • Rashmi Hurst
    Rashmi Hurst
    Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Madison Buckby
    Madison Buckby
    Account Manager, LEAP Spark
  • Ember Marr
    Ember Marr
    Director, LEAP Spark
  • Marla McGough
    Marla McGough
    Office Manager
  • Becky Likins
    Becky Likins
  • Kyle Ebersole
    Kyle Ebersole
    Art Director
  • Nick Peay
    Nick Peay
    Front-End Web Developer, LEAP Spark
  • Aaron Arney
    Aaron Arney
    Lead Front-End Developer, LEAP Spark
  • Chelsea Tuttle
    Chelsea Tuttle
    Community & Media Manager
  • Carter Hannah
    Carter Hannah
    Project Management Office Manager
  • Maggie Kleine-Kracht
    Maggie Kleine-Kracht
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Amber Marsden
    Amber Marsden
    Graphic Designer
  • John Rivers III
    John Rivers III
    Sales & Business Development