Dillon Hodges sitting at table


An In-House Film House That’s Out of This World

These days, well-produced digital film is no longer a game changer; it’s the norm.

Consumer’s expectations are extremely high, and it takes high-quality digital film and motion graphics just to be competitive.

LEAPframe, our in-house digital film and motion graphics crew gives us the ability to seamlessly weave this highly sought after commodity into our creative mindset from the beginning of any project. It allows us to create content in a timely manner, while maintaining and often times raising the bar on the quality of the deliverable. Not only does it save us time and valuable client dollars, it helps us create new experiences within emerging technologies such as digital-out-of-home and augmented reality.

To say they keep their ideas fresh and their standards high is a bit of an understatement.

While our agency gets the thrill of working with a crazy-creative, highly skilled and collaborative film company in our own house, our clients are treated to 2D/3D motion designs and digital films that blow their minds, without blowing their budgets or timelines.

When we say it, it sounds like bragging, but the LEAPframe team is so amazing that other agencies want to hire them. So we let them. It’s all in the spirit of creative collaboration and keeping our skills at the top of their game.

In a world where content is king, we have a royal family.