LEAPsearch Hero


The Best Search Agency That Isn't.

Search firms would prefer that LEAP is hard to find.

That’s because unlike the other independently rated, Top 25 Search Firms in North America, we’re not exclusively focused on SEO. Ironically, that’s what makes us so good at it.

Together, across the table, your brand steward, engagement specialist, and SEO analyst develop strategies, content ideas and recommendations that provide you a true search solution.

Search, as a discipline, exists to serve Google.

Google is the consumer of SEO content and the target audience for the same. But what about the real consumer, the one buying your product? They require engagement, content that is genuine to their needs, and content that inspires them to action.

We leverage the power of search to convey your brand promise in ways that only an agency who has spent fifteen years honing this unique mash-up of creative and SEO expertise can.