Shopping and Buying are two different things
(And they should be treated as such)

Historically the online e-commerce world has trained us to create a shopping experience that allows the customer to get to the “buy” button with as few “distractions” as possible.

LEAPshop is tackling the world of e-commerce from a very different point of view – believing that brand building e-commerce “distractions” are the key to unlocking better margins in an ever-more ubiquitous digital environment. 

In this digital age, consumers may skip your commercial, may not visit your store, and may miss many of the ways we build brand awareness and affinity. What that same consumer is almost sure to do is to conduct a search, compare your product to your competitors, and look for price differences.

This simultaneous reduction in brand building and heightened product comparability leads to price erosion that is only sped along by e-commerce thinking that places the cash register in front of the brand experience.

We wouldn’t dream of asking the department store shopper if they’d like to “check out” the minute they walk through the door, yet that is somehow an acceptable e-commerce tactic.

Our LEAPshop team focuses on e-commerce solutions that deliver brand promise, product benefit, and consumer interaction…where the cash register is where you pay, not the entirety of your experience.