Mar 12, 2007

The Emperor's New Media

People don't like what they don't understand. And a lot of people don't really understand the internet. I honestly believe a lot of resistance you run into in regards to interactive marketing centers around a lack of comfort on the part of customers in relation to the web. They feel a bit in over their head, but they don't want to look behind the times or dumb.

So they often do one of two things: find an expert they trust, and blindly accept everything they say as gospel, or reject the entire concept of interactive marketing while throwing around a lot of words like " bubble."

I personally think that both those approaches don't do a lot to further the cause of interactive marketing for either clients or marketers.

Is the internet complex? Yes. Is it unfathomable by normal, non-geeky mortals? No.

A little clear communication and dejargoning would probably do both camps a world of good, if well-applied. I truly believe a knowledgeable, informed client is the best kind of client on earth. Their expectations are based in reality, not fear or blind faith or wishful thinking. Their understanding of the process makes it possible for their interactive marketer to glean the brand knowledge that only they have, and apply it in the online realm that is their area of expertise.

Which would you pick: a client who thinks their new site or online promotion might be awesome, or a client who knows why their new site or online promotion is awesome?

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