Jan 21, 2008

Be sure your agency has this critical information before you begin an online contest

by: in LEAP

As we've recently discussed in our blog and the LEAPCast, interactive contests can be a great way to promote your brand online. However, it's important that you provide your interactive agency with adequate background data to properly plan and execute the promotion to hit your target goals. Answering these questions at the outset ensures a great result in the end.


What are your specific goals for the promotion?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you simply trying to promote your brand into a deeper penetration of your target market?

Are you rebranding your business to an entirely new demographic?

Are you pushing a new product line? Is building an email database the primary goal?


Your agency needs this information to develop a powerful promotion that will work for you. We also need to look at the overall existing online brand presence for the company. If your organization does' have an established brand presence already, that makes the branding impact of the promotion that much more important. A promotion can be a great way to motivate users to interact with your brand, so it's particularly helpful when you are repositioning your brand in the market. In this regard, the more demographic and interest information you can provide to your agency regarding your target audience, the more focused and effective the promotion can be in reaching that audience. Having clear goals in place prior to beginning an online contest promotion ensures that those goals are met and exceeded by the campaign. Providing your agency with comprehensive information about goals, target audience and your brand's current position gets things off on the right foot.

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