Sep 03, 2013

Express Your Brand, Lyrically.

Frequently, you can find me wandering over to our warehouse to “talk shop” with Leo Gomez, one of our Designers, who conveniently happens to be a remarkable DJ. I love music. Always have. That’s why when Brandon Faris, our LEAPframe Director, presented me with an opportunity for LEAP to help an emerging artist produce his second music video, I jumped all over it.

As the Chief Creative Officer at LEAP, my team and I have a lot of amazing opportunities to create engaging and meaningful content for a brand’s consumer. But, a music video presents a different chance for LEAP to show off our capabilities. One that I firmly believe digital agencies should embrace when working with their clients. Narratives.

“The Proof” by Dillon Hodges, was a gritty song that presented our team an opportunity to interpret a narrative and then present it to an audience. Everyone involved on the project was committed to staying true to Hodges’ story, while invoking a visceral response from viewers. The connection to this song through the video is exactly the type of connection we want to help brands establish with their consumers.

At LEAP, we want to do more projects that use narratives, like you see in a music video, to express brands. Recently, our work is starting to showcase this vision. We shot sizzling steaks for Texas Roadhouse, and cruise ship rebranding for Carnival Cruise Lines that both followed a narrative unique to the brands.

It’s my goal as we grow our clients’ brands (both old and new) under the LEAP brand, that our Creative + UX team keeps this narrative concept in the forefront of their minds. 

Dillon Hodges | The Proof | LEAPframe from leapframe on Vimeo.

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