Oct 07, 2013

Affiliate Spotlight: The “Krazy Coupon Lady”

Despite being an affiliate program manager, I have never been a coupon person. Granted, my perception on saving a few bucks has changed - slowly.  How could it not?! I am familiar with a significant number of couponing sites.

As my programs grow, I see affiliates who are very good at what they do, some not so good at what they do, and some that just surprise me. When a coupon site suddenly makes the monthly top earners list, and I have not seen or heard of them before, it’s shocking. The Krazy Coupon Lady is the perfect example. Honestly, I was unfamiliar with the site before September, but they made my radar by selling one item several times over.

That one product, which was released in mid-September, was hunting related. For a site that sports Suave, the TLC channel and TRESemme on their home page, I was impressed at the amount of sales generated in a short period of time. Upon further review, the comments posted on the product page reflected a purchase for a dad, which was great to see. The description was also hand written, not auto populated, and was all about conveying a message, rather than the ”buy now” or “you failed at shopping type rhetoric. “

The site itself is ranked a PR 5, under 3k on Alexa and has over 1m followers on Facebook alone. To me, this shows a significant investment not only in community engagement, but also a good amount of SEM intelligence. Not to mention the way the site is laid out aesthetically is very easy to navigate. Options for user engagement include newspaper coupons, e-coupons, print coupons along side tips for beginner coupon enthusiasts and of course, daily updates for those that consider themselves extreme.

I like that fact that the site promotes an eBook, which focuses on grocery store savings. Written by the sites owners, Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler, the book details “strategies to save 1,000s at the grocery store”. This peaked my interest because if there is one shopping category that I would be willing to learn solid couponing tactics, it would be food.

I guess the only thing left to discover is which one of the owners coined the name of the site. Regardless, I am very happy that this affiliate is part of our affiliate programs and look forward to a profitable business relationship.

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