Feb 28, 2012

Running at the Speed of Technology; Evolving your Digital Business

The earth is rotating around the sun at approximately 18.6 miles per second and spinning on its axis at over 1000 miles per hour. Even though you're along for the ride on this big spinning rock, the world of tech can often make you feel as if you're standing still while the rest of the earth keeps on moving. 

The pace that new browser features, application frameworks, turn-key services and new paradigms of user interactions are being developed can at times be mind-boggling. Jumping at every next best thing can be a costly endeavor, but waiting out the market too long can prove to be a much more costly mistake. It is crucial that we are never comfortable with the status quo; we must recognize trends and their associated values as early in the game as possible if we are to capitalize on them before they are old news. One can only imagine the position a company like Blockbuster would be in had they embraced video streaming much earlier in their life. Blockbuster is by no means out of the race, but they quickly lost their head start along with their bargaining power when the market made its shift to online streaming.

The success of any company lies in the hands of the individuals to make it a thriving business. How those individuals spend their idle time weighs greatly on their (and subsequently the business’s) overall impact. A valuable, driven employee is always tuned to the “channels of interest” for their respective field. Whether it’s a tech blog, a series of consumer reports, social media research, e-learning programs or any of the other online treasure troves of data and trend information that are available, it’s valuable for your employees and it’s valuable for you!

Building a culture of communication, curiosity and investigative analysis into every facet of your business is a crucial aspect of staying on top of trends in tech and business before they are on top of you. Test the "norm" through ongoing market research and experimentation, learn from the tests, and accompany that knowledge with a willingness to revisit the results as events occur; the end result is going to be a knowledgeable staff with a clear direction that can evolve with a rapidly changing market.

We run into situations almost daily at LEAP where an employee’s personal motivation to learn benefits us and, in turn, our clients. An open culture of communication and professional development coupled with the inherent freedoms to challenge the status quo at this digital agency make it possible for the culture and motivation of the business to remain solid while still constantly adapting to support the evolving capabilities of our market and the evolving demands of our clients.

The idea of traveling at the speed of tech may seem out of reach when observing from the sidelines, but when every employee is part of the push, you’ll find that getting up to speed doesn’t require a monumental effort, just a consistent one.

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