Jul 05, 2012

Facebook Continues To Keep Brands On Their Toes (or Heels, Depending On Your Perspective)

From Mark Zuckerburg’s lips to our ears: Facebook has deprecated their Facebook Markup Language (FBML) and the share button. In a nutshell, that means those two functions will no longer be supported by FB corporate. What used to work, won’t anymore when it comes to app development and consumer engagement. Not to worry though, per usual, we’re ‘geeked’ out and on top of how this will affect your brand, and how you can avoid any hiccups before these changes take place permanently today (July 5).

FBML has been deprecated. If you or your brand partners have, or are building, an app on Facebook, the use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS (along with native SDKs for mobile) will be the only implementation tools supported. FBML apps will no longer work on platform. You can still embed many of the same social features previously available via FBML, now you’ll just have to use JavaScript SDK and Social Plugins.

It’s important to be aware of this change because over the course of the next few days you and your ‘friends’ may experience issues with Facebook plug-ins or become aware of a significant use of plug-in functionality. Apps done exclusively in FBML won’t work and may just disappear completely from view. LEAP is here to help. Our developers can work with an Account Manager to find out if any further action is required and what those next steps should be.

The Share button has been deprecated. The purpose of removing this button from apps is to start driving traffic through the Like Button and Feed Dialog. In lieu of the Share Button, these alternate buttons will be important to incorporate. The Like button allows more reliable and better tracking, plus it protects users from some types of shady activity.  It’s an active vs. passive thing. The web based Like button stores itself in a separate frame on the page and responds directly to user interaction (shows the number of likes, handles login/authorization, and lets you know which friends have already liked something).

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