Aug 28, 2013

LEAP AND XAMARIN: It's a Special Relationship

As a preferred partner of Xamarin, LEAP has intimate knowledge of the program and its capabilities. In May our own Drew Greenwell became one of the first 50 programmers to receive Xamarin certification. Making Drew, and LEAP, among the prototypes for Xamarin's certification program. For details, check out this QA session with LEAP's VP of Technology and Senior Software Developer.

How did the relationship between LEAP and Xamarin Develop?

GREENWELL: I have always been interested in mobile devices and sharing as much code as possible between desktops, web, and mobile. I have also been following and using Xamarin’s desktop products since their days of working with Novell.  The quality of work that Miguel and his team consistently put out constantly impresses me.

A few years back, MonoTouch (now Xamarin.iOS) was announced right as we were really finding out the shortcomings of HTML / JavaScript as a native mobile application platform and the hassles of maintaining a completely separate code base for each mobile platform. Even the earliest versions of the Xamarin products had an immediate impact of boosting our productivity and capabilities. Looking at where the market is headed and how Xamarin was going to help us stay right on the edge of it; making the relationship official seemed like the logical next step.

There are a lot of software programs out there, what does the partnership between LEAP and Xamarin offer clients?

GREENWELL: In addition to the added exposure we get from Xamarin through the partnership. The Premier Consulting Partnership is a mutual relationship for Xamarin and LEAP that helps us work better together on referrals, direct consultation and cross marketing opportunities.

What does receiving your certification in Xamarin mean, what can you offer client now that was not possible before?

GREENWELL: Going through the training process at Evolve this year was fun and gave the advanced users ample one on one time to discuss possibilities and platform direction. Having Xamarin Certified Mobile Developers on staff allows LEAP to validate our world-class capabilities. The Xamarin training and certification process also helps to confirm the level of knowledge that Xamarin expects out of partners so that they can confidently offer our services on behalf of themselves.

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