Oct 19, 2012

Greg Scruggs Tackles Social Media with LEAP

Former University of Louisville defensive tackle Greg Scruggs, has managed to make the jump into the NFL and is a contributing member of one of the league’s top 3 defenses at the Seattle Seahawks. This weekend, Greg will be visiting his alma mater just in time for Homecoming. With our role on the UofL Social Media Advisory Board, we thought this would be a great opportunity to connect with Scruggs. With the help of  Nick Stover, Director of Social Media and Engagement at UofL, we were lucky enough to catch up with Greg and Nick to discuss how Social Media has affected the NFL. Be sure to follow Scruggs, Stover, and LEAP for more updates and pictures.


Stover: First of all, Congratulations on making the Seattle Seahawks roster. How have things been since leaving Louisville and playing in the NFL? How do you think the Cardinals’ Football team is looking this year?

Scruggs: I appreciate that congrats, every little thing matters to me. Since leaving Louisville, things have been pretty fast paced, new, and adventurous. Playing at this level is second to none and a once in a lifetime opportunity that I have been blessed and fortunate enough to participate in. It is everything that I have dreamed it to be and look forward to doing it for a few years longer. I have been running my mouth about this year’s Cards and I am quite ecstatic about the way they've been playing. The most gratifying thing is seeing all the young guys that have taken the next step to elevate their game to get the team where it is now. I am very, very proud of them.


Stover: How has social media changed the NFL? Does it differ from the College level?

Scruggs: Social media has changed the NFL tremendously. With the impact that networks such as Twitter and Facebook have on our society, social media can be used to do just about anything. For me specifically, it has helped me reach out to my fan base to create friendships, meet people, and create opportunities for myself that normally would not happen. All of my fellow Louisvillians know how I use my Twitter to keep in touch with them. It's a great way to be out in the community and to let people know that you're human. The biggest change from being in college to the NFL is obviously you're under a much larger microscope, but also that you can get invited places and do things and can freely accept without having any violations from the NCAA or things like that which I think is great.


LEAP: How are you using social to connect with your fans as a new player? How is it different than a veteran/superstar would use their account?

Scruggs: I use my social networking account to connect with fans simply by just opening up to them and basically letting them know who I am. Outside of announcing community events and other things that may be happening, I do my best to just ask how they're doing. I genuinely respond to the mentions I receive because you never know whose day you might have made. For example, it's different from me and our Pro-Bowl safety, Earl Thomas, because he has 330,000+ followers so he may not be able to respond to everyone. For right now, I am just trying to connect and establish myself as a humble, hard-working, people-loving individual and I can do that by connecting with fans through Twitter.


LEAP: How would you describe your "voice" on social media? Inside Scoop? Shout outs? Personal opinions? Basically, what can fans expect from your feeds?

Scruggs: My voice on social media is everything people expect when they decide to hit the follow button (which I highly encourage everyone to do on the page of @G_Scruggs). With being in the NFL, giving too much of the inside scoop could cost you some money or your job.  So I do what I can, but I always give shout-outs and personal opinions on things going on in the world outside of football - as well as just open up to the fans on some things that may cross my mind. I ask their opinions on different things such as places to eat, the high school game of the weekend, and sites to see. I try to keep it entertaining as well as interactive.


LEAP: This year the NBA had a "Social Media Awards" for teams and players in the league this past season. Who on your team would be up for nomination if the NFL did this? Why?

Scruggs: If the NFL did social media awards I would have to definitely put myself up for that award but there are others who would be in the running. Michael Robinson uses his Twitter and his YouTube series "The Real Rob Report" to give fans an inside look to the locker room; Richard Sherman is pretty interactive and outgoing on there as well as some other guys. But I'm definitely top dog as far as overall usage (laughs, personal/unbiased opinions, community outreach, fan-interaction etc..).