Mar 27, 2013

Social Media Intern - Welcome Hailey Heishman

As the social media intern at LEAP, I am excited to be writing my very first blog post. My name is Hailey Heishman and I am a senior advertising student at Indiana University Southeast (IUS). I have always wanted to work at a digital advertising agency, and having this internship opportunity at LEAP has been the best experience I could ask for. I have been at LEAP for about 6 weeks, and have already learned so much.

I landed this internship through the connection that my professor made with the VP of Media and Marketing, Christy Belden. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere when I came in for my interview. My exposure to social media programs at LEAP has been a great insight into the strategic thinking needed when developing social media marketing plans. So far, time has flown by. In the courses I have taken, I have created and implemented strategies for clients, but being in an agency definitely helps gain a real-world perspective on how an entire strategy comes together and is executed. Agency life has definitely been the best way for me to expand my career knowledge.

On a “normal” LEAP day as the social media intern, I help create social content for clients and post it to all of their properties. It has been very interesting working with different clients because the tone must change for each of brand during the creation process. While one client may be educational or informative, another may be more personal and entertaining. Each client has their own input and involvement in the process.

My daily routine is always changing with different projects that come and go throughout the day. I have also had time to learn about SEO and also spent a day learning about media buying and planning. I have sat in on weekly meetings to gain a better understanding of what everyone on the M+M team is working on.

I’ve also gotten to learn more about LEAP’s Cincinnati office, too. My team and I recently attended the open house event for the LEAP Cincinnati office, and I got to meet everyone at that growing office.

Everyone at LEAP has been so welcoming and helpful to all my needs as an intern, which I am so thankful for. I am excited to keep you all up to date with everything I am doing and learning. So make sure you check back for more exciting blogs from the one and only social media intern!  

[Contributed by Hailey Heishman, Social Media Intern]


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