Apr 22, 2013

Engaging With Your Audience Through Social Media

If you have a social media strategy then you know how important it is to monitor all of your social properties regularly. And it’s no surprise that with the good comments also comes the bad, ugly, and just plain rude comments. Monitoring your pages can give you more information than you think. We’re always told to listen to our audience and know what they want. But there’s a way to get more of what you want while also focusing solely on them…

Whether it’s awareness, engagement, retention, or loyalty, we all want something from our audience. And with all of the opportunities social media presents, there is no reason not to take advantage of the obvious content your audience feeds you. Interacting with your audience should be a key component to your overall strategy. Twitter is a great tool to use for interaction due to the high opportunity for meaningful and real-time engagement.

Brands can also take customer service to the next level by using social media to build relationships. Generating meaningful conversations with you audience will help create more brand enthusiasts and loyalty from them. Brand fans are tweeting you for a reason. People want to be heard and interact with their preferred brands.

Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, social media provides is an opportunity for your brand to speak up and build relationships. NIKE Running is a great example of how to maintain this intimate conversation. They reply to tweets, have a meaningful conversation, and then request more feedback for a later time.


Not all brands currently have the bandwidth or manpower to do this on a daily basis.  But take note that when you are running a promotion, coupon, special deal, or event this interaction can be crucial to your reputation. Replying to someone in real-time can make their experience more meaningful and create more buzz for your brand.

As social networking grows this will continue to become more important to both brands and consumers. So don’t leave your fans hangin’!


[Contributed by Hailey Heishman, Social Media Intern]
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