Dec 19, 2013

Introducing Personalized Vine URLs

It’s happening! Say goodbye to a complex URL of letters and numbers and bask in new personalized Vine links.  

Today, Vine joins the fray with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram and is offering personalized URLs. So whether your brand posts on Vine every day or puts something up every now and then, registering your company’s desired profile URL right now will be absolutely integral in:

  • Building valuable online equity.
  • Aligning perfectly with your already-established social and digital platforms.

Why Personalized?

Two words: Consistent branding. If your Facebook page and your Twitter (not to mention your Instagram and Google+) account are already attached to your company’s name, you definitely want the same thing for your Vine account. This not only makes it easier for people to find you on Vine but easier for people to guess correctly.

And the faster they get to your awesome Vine content, the better.

Can you break it down a different way? 

Absolutely. In more specific terms, think of your new Vine being advantageous because:

  • Personalized URLs are friendly and don’t contain a crazy combination of letters and numbers, which can quickly confuse users.
  • A personalized URL makes it much easier for users to find and share your page.
  • There are significant SEO benefits. A URL that includes your company name should help improve your site’s search ranking.

How Do I Register?

At 9 am PST, Vine is going to open registration for verified Twitter accounts to secure their unique URLs, in the form of[name]. To register your Vine profile URL:

  • Visit and log in with your company Vine account.
  • Register your profile URL, free of charge.
  • It’ll only take a minute and will ensure your URL for current and future use. Once a profile URL is taken, someone else cannot register it.

Monday, December 23, all other users will be able to secure their personalized URL's. If you do not have a Vine account, today is the day to get one. Stake claim to your name, add another creative component to your digital equity, and start creating the magical 6-second videos you keep hearing everyone talk about. 

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