Dec 31, 2013

How Did Social Media Matter in 2013?

Social media is a chatty place these days. Between friend requests and picture posts, not to mention feed updates and party invites, marketers have had to make some bold moves to get noticed.

What Stood Out?

In 2013, some clever creative made a select number of brands absolutely unforgettable. Others, not so much. For example:

  • Buzz generating campaigns like Oreo’s “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” tweet during the Super Bowl blackout; Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches;” and Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” will live as shining examples of great social application for years to come.
  • GoDaddy’s “The Kiss” and AT&T’s 9/11 tweet are good lessons of what not to do. EVER.

What Was New & Noteworthy?

Social networks are constantly being optimized for better experience. Some of our favorite platforms debuted significant changes in 2013, and with them came interesting opportunities for brands to make an impact in the digital world. A few of our favorites updates include:

  • Twitter introducing Vine
  • Facebook announcing Graph Search
  • Instagram video launch
  • Instagram advertisement integration
  • LinkedIn acquiring SlideShare
  • Snapchat saying no to an acquisition offer of nearly $4 billion from both Google and Facebook (bold!)
  • More than 35 million #selfies on Instagram
  • Instagram introducing direct messages
So how can brands do better in 2014?
  • Pinterest. Considering only 10% of brands have a major marketing focus on Pinterest it might be a good move for your brand to add this platform to its strategy for 2014. You can learn more about the future of Pinterest here: A Pinteresting Future
  • Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for live interaction with your biggest fans or worst enemies. Take a unique approach to your Twitter conversations. Give your brand a voice and personality and stick to it. There are 231.7 million monthly active twitter users that your brand can be connecting with.
  • Video. Video is also a huge component to integrate into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s a full production commercial or a branded Vine video it’s important to be where your fans and make sure they connect with you. Learn more here: A Video is Worth a Million Words 
  • Instagram. Take advantage on Instagram ads and direct messaging. You can target specific brand advocates to promote releases and news. Get creative with the ads so that they are cohesive with the Instagram feed.

So no matter what …  

Social media is constantly changing and, from a marketer’s perspective, it’s almost always for the better. Stay up to date with the latest trends right here on the LEAP blog and contact us to learn how to revamp your digital marketing strategy for 2014.

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