Jan 10, 2014

Four Ways to Optimize Mobile Strategy

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We’re 10 days into 2014, and folks are still jazzed up about the New Year and trying all kinds of new things. Are you?

Try starting with evaluating your mobile advertising strategy. Do you understand it? Is it optimized? Can you do something new? Here are a few places to start brainstorming:

Mobile Advertising 101

Just like in 2012, marketers increased their mobile advertising spend in 2013. Why? Social networks are continuing to switch to more mobile driven revenue models, leading brands to more mobile options and, more importantly, more eyeballs. 

Mobile searches, shopping and interactions are also how consumers are increasingly preferring to do business. From finding you to liking you to loving you, their mobile device is the glue holds you both together.

But in order to maintain relevance and stay competitive, choose your options wisely. Consider:

Native Mobile Ads

What’s a native ad? When I’m on one of my favorite blogs about health and fitness, I am served ads for yoga gear. This is a perfect example of a native mobile ad. It complements the website, is relevant to the topic and the audience, but isn’t directly linked to the site.

Native mobile ads are a great way to get more genuine leads and better click-through opportunities. By finding and partnering with inherently relevant blogs and new sites in your category, you can create relatively low cost ads and target the most receptive audience.

Social Media Ads

Consider Foursquare for some geo-location fun with your fans. This mobile app allows users to ‘check-in’ at your establishment and shares their location with their Twitter and Facebook friends. Folks can also write reviews and recommendations their favorite foods or products.

Foursquare ads also help personalize local searches for consumers with a similar platform to Google’s PPC ads. The beauty is, Foursquare will only charge you when a potential customer takes an action on this ad. It only counts when that person visits your store. So the more they share the location with their friends, the more potential foot traffic for you. 

These ads appear for nearby users who have either visited or been to a similar location to yours, or users who are searching for related services.

QR Codes

How can we forget about QR codes, the awkward, misunderstood option of the mobile family? QR codes do not need to be complicated or strange. If properly implemented and used, of course, they are a simple and effective way to push mobile advertising campaigns.

If you want to work with QR codes, you can get really creative. But prioritize giving the user a nice destination that works. Say, a sleek, simple microsite with a call-to-action that’s engaging. 

It’s more fun if you offer an immediate coupon or discount with your QR code, as well. Don’t lead consumers to a place that means nothing to them (i.e. the homepage of your website.) Make it unique enough for the user to remember their experience and tell all of their friends about it. This is a real-time, loyalty-building solution, so keep a best-in-class user experience in mind at all times. 

No budget? 

If you don’t have the resources to implement full on mobile ads right now, there’s another option: LOCAL keywords.

Most brands are so concerned about ranking nationally against their biggest competitors, they forget about their local, most passionate crowd. Let your locals love you and your name could spread like wild fire.

This action requires optimizing things like keywords and alt-tags on images. So instead of using keywords like ‘fashion boutique’ go for ‘fashion boutique in Louisville Kentucky’. I live in Louisville, so when I search, I don’t want to see boutiques from Chicago, Atlanta and L.A., I want a list of fashion boutiques in my hometown.

Simple and straightforward, it just requires little time for a potentially good ROI.

What does it matter?

Digital advertising and mobile strategy means you have plenty of options. Get adventurous, do your homework and try incorporating some recommendations to see what works best. When you bask in the glory of digital marketing options, you could rise to the top!

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