Mar 08, 2012

Meet Hannah Fisher - Client Services Intern

My name is Hannah Fisher and I am a senior marketing major at the University of Louisville. This is my first official blog posting as the Client Services intern at LEAP.  I was lucky enough to hear about this amazing internship opportunity through Kara DeLost, a marketing specialist at LEAP, in my Career Development class at the College of Business. I have only been interning at LEAP for 7 weeks and have already learned so much. The best part is, I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it!

That being said, since I have been here 7 weeks already, we have some catching up to do.  I have already had the privilege of dabbling in a number of different tasks.  The first responsibility I had was identifying and understanding who our clients are, what they do, and even more importantly what we do for them.  This is my first internship with a interactive marketing agency, so understanding all of the services LEAP offers to its clients was crucial during my first couple of weeks.  At this point I have a deep understanding of what LEAP does, and I am now getting a better understanding of how LEAP’s digital processes work from beginning to end. 

Some of the tasks I have had the chance to partake in include conducting brief competitive analyses, proof reading client apps and websites, and sitting in on beta revisions and business development prospecting meetings.  My supervisor, Emily Blankenbaker, an account coordinator, has allowed me a chance to extend beyond just Client Services in order to have a better overall understanding of the day-to-day operations within a digital agency.  Therefore, I have had the chance to sit down with a member of each team to get a more in depth explanation of what each department’s responsibilities are. 

As I continue with my internship with LEAP, I hope to be able to use this blog to detail my experiences as Client Services intern. By sharing these experiences, I’ll hopefully be able to give any prospective interns an idea of what life is like within such a fast paced digital agency.  I am eager to continue learning as much as I possibly can during my time at LEAP, and hopefully you are eager to learn along with me! 


[Contributed by Hannah Fisher, client services intern]