Mar 16, 2012

LEAP Intern at Young Advertising Professionals Event

One of the many advantages of being an Intern at LEAP is having the opportunity to attend meetings with professional organizations such as YAP, the Young Advertising Professionals group within the Louisville chapter of the American Advertising Federation. I recently attended the Advertising 101 Career ADvice Seminar hosted at Creative Alliance. Margaret Horlander, Vice President at Creative Alliance was the guest speaker. The topic of this seminar was “How to Succeed in Advertising.”  This topic will prove itself to be very beneficial once I begin my own career in advertising.

The first point mentioned was the importance of knowing your client.  Obviously, marketing agencies are hired because the client has a marketing problem that needs to be solved. However, it goes beyond just that. It is important to not only understand how to market your particular client, but also to be compassionate towards their needs. That goes beyond just performing a task, you must immerse yourself and show an active interest in assisting in any way possible to help solve their problem.            

A second point mentioned was to be aware of your own skill set. What you don’t know, learn. Demonstrating your knowledge ensures that you are actively involved with each client from start to finish. Also, don’t wait to be asked, take the initiative to volunteer any ideas, trends or new information you have. You want to demonstrate yourself as a strategic partner and always strive to be the person that solves the problem.

From the perspective of an intern, these skills are of major importance when attempting to enter into a career in advertising. Possessing these characteristics and other skills also prove to be important when it comes to success within advertising.  The ability to produce something tangible does in fact stem from possessing the necessary skill set. However, being a problem solver with a passion to meet a client’s needs proves itself to be vital in the success of your advertising career.  I have a better understanding of the importance of developing these characteristics as I work towards establishing myself in my future advertising career!


[Contributed by Hannah Fisher, Client Services Intern]