Mar 23, 2012

GuardiaCare Branding Retreat

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a Saturday morning Branding Retreat for our non-profit of the year, GuardiaCare. I was accompanied by a couple of members of the LEAP team, including Ryan Bares, Account Coordinator, Jacob Knight, Account Manager, Mike Wunsch, VP of Client Services, and CEO Daniel Knapp. The purpose of this retreat was to identify target markets according to the service areas provided by GuardiaCare, along with identifying the associated value propositions.

After a quick introduction, we broke into small groups for the target market identification portion of the retreat. Logistically the small groups made for a more intimate setting, but it also helped to avoid groupthink within the larger group. Each group also strategically included 3-4 GuardiaCare board members and one member from the LEAP team. After each group identified the target markets, the associated value propositions were related back to the particular service areas. 

Once the small groups finished, we came back together to identify Brand Value terms. The group members were asked how they wanted GuardiaCare to be perceived, and were instructed to describe these perceptions using single words. The words were written out on brightly colored sticky notes and stuck randomly on the wall. Once the group felt they had identified all of the associated words, the LEAP team assisted in grouping those words into Brand Value Themes. With these themes, the LEAP team will be able to create an overall Brand Identity for GuardiaCare.

This was my first Branding Retreat, and it proved to be both educational and fun! I also truly enjoyed the chance to see these LEAP team members in action. It’s one thing to read about identifying target markets and using those demographics to build a brand identity, but it’s completely different to see it unfold in front of your eyes.


[Contributed by Hannah Fisher, client services intern]