Jun 15, 2012

UofL Tennis Player “Loves” Internship with LEAP - Mandy Brown

Hi all! My name is Mandy Brown and I am an intern at LEAP in the Client Development Department. I am currently headed into my senior year at the University of Louisville as a double-major in Communication and in French. I am also a proud student-athlete on the University of Louisville’s Women’s Tennis team. My whole life has been dedicated to my sport and my academics, so this internship is quite a shift in directing my focus towards a professional career path.

Being offered a Client Development intern position at LEAP was a no-brainer…an instant yes! The minute I stepped into the office at my interview, I knew I would really like working here, if given the opportunity. In my first month, my thoughts were proven right – LEAP is awesome! I would even go as far to say it’s “hoppin” but I don’t want to get too carried away! I really feel like I’ve been adopted into the family—all of the staff has been incredibly patient, kind, and inclusive.

Thus far, I have attended several internal meetings, company socials, and gained an overall understanding of the personality of the agency. I have met with members from Client Services, Business Development, Media + Marketing, and Market Research and Analytics to comprehend the process of how a campaign moves from department to department. It is important to realize the interdependent relationship these departments have with each other. For our clients, LEAP strives to be elite in its interactive marketing, utilizing tactics such as SEO, PPC, mobile applications, and boosted social media. Another important concept I have learned is having a positive rapport with our clients. The Client Services Department has mastered this—they always put the client’s best interests first.

In addition to helping out the Client Services team with budget adherences and other agency specialties, I have personally conducted market research for our Business Development Department; helping them seek out new business opportunities and compiling an organized way to present information to prospective clients. I have done a fair share of social media analysis and organized and executed both internal and external surveys to gain an understanding and deeper insight of target markets.

Alas, that is my brief overview and catch-up of what I’ve been doing so far. Until next time, follow the LEAP Intern Blog for more updates!


[Contributed by Mandy Brown, Client Development Intern]