Jun 19, 2012

Meet Our Graphic Design Intern - Kate Stokell

My name is Kate Stokell and I am a creative/graphic design intern for LEAP’s Media + Marketing department. I am currently going into my senior year at Northern Kentucky University where I am majoring in visual communications design (graphic design) with a minor in marketing. My favorite types of design to work with are line art and graphics, branding, typography, and packaging. Upon my graduation in fall of 2013, my ideal goal would to be to work for a fashion magazine, designing packaging, branding, or retail design.

My main responsibility at LEAP is working on designs for our digital marketing team. I have completed work for clients such as developing an infographic based on a social media case study as well as contributed my design work for our strategic partnership with Bad Girl Ventures. I have had the opportunity to work on digital designs and presentations and experience the agency overall. My most current work has been focused on email design and template development.

I am really enjoying my work at LEAP, and it is exciting to have my first digital agency experience. This summer I hope I can help my department and the agency achieve all of their goals.  I look forward to the new experiences I will have here at LEAP. Follow the blog to keep up with me!


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