Jun 26, 2012

An Infographic is Born

This week, the main project I have been working on at LEAP has been to create case studies for clients. These case studies present information about our clients and how their business has improved over time with our help. As the graphic design intern for the Media + Marketing Department, it’s my job to make things pretty and more importantly, valuable. The team thought the most efficient way to display these case studies would be to present them in infographic form so that the information could be displayed in an interesting and efficient way.

Infographics combine information as well as vector and line art in order to make more complex information easier to read and understand. This can be presented in the way of graphs, charts, pictures, and expressive typography. Overall making learning new information more of an experience, rather than just reading it on a piece of paper.

For the first client that I am working on, I am creating a series of three Infographics that go together: one for their social media campaign, one for PPC and another for SEO. The individual Infographics depict how much the company has grown in these various digital marketing services since LEAP decided to work with them. The Infographics are not complete yet, but are reaching the finishing stages. Once this series is finished, I will move on to creating similar case studies for some of our other clients, so we can show what an awesome job LEAP does for all our clients in an informative, as well as aesthetically pleasing way. Here is a snippet from the work in progress!

Social Media Infographic

Contributed by , M+M Intern