Aug 17, 2012

Bye Bye LEAP

The end of my internship at LEAP has quickly approached and you wouldn’t believe how sad I am that it’s coming to a close. Nonetheless, when one door closes, another one opens. I feel I have created long-lasting relationships with the staff here and I know when the time comes to jump into the real world, I will have my safety net of fellow froggers. I can truly say these past three months have really whizzed by and I’ve really appreciated every moment. Time flies when you are having fun!

Working at LEAP has really put some of my fears of graduating college to rest and instilled more self-confidence in my knowledge of digital marketing. I learned from mistakes, did things well, tried new things, and the staff was supportive regardless. They either guided me with constructive feedback or praised my good work the whole time I have been here. I do not think I could find nicer people anywhere else. I know I’m going to get all Oscar speech on you, but I want to thank in particular all the people in Client Services who took me under their wing—especially Ryan Bares, my supervisor. He ensured I gained something from my experience and I became better prepared for when I plan to continue my professional career. The M+M team showed flare and funkiness—always making sure the work environment would be exciting and enjoyable. They taught me the in’s and out’s of social media marketing and the importance of SEO.  I also worked closely with Business Development and Maury Hill, Tiffany Hoppe, and Ryan Fertig all treated me very well always checking in and seeing how life was going for me in addition to asking me for help. I appreciated that people here do not just coexist; they also want to get to know one another and build friendships.

What I encountered to be the most important aspect in “optimizing” my LEAP experience was being proactive. This is a lesson I have learned to apply to all parts of my life—to benefit not just myself but the people around me.  If I am looking ahead and trying to figure the next best things for others, I feel such effort pays off for them and all parties are happy!  At my first AAF Louisville Luncheon I attended, the speaker encouraged the use of proactive thinking when dealing with clients. First it will make a good impression on the client, and secondly, it should produce positive results with marketing campaigns

While traditional advertising still serves its purpose, I would advise jumping on board with a full-service digital agency as I feel that’s where the field is heavily trending.  For those looking to join the LEAP team through an internship, I highly recommend this program. They are continuing to make adjustments based on feedback they get from me and the other interns in order to make YOUR experience even better. Future interns: LEAP is the place to apply. You won’t be disappointed.


[Contributed by Mandy Brown, client development intern]