Mar 28, 2013

If The Shoe Fits - SEO Intern Andrew Sieg

Hey there! My name is Andrew Sieg and I’m an SEO intern at LEAP. My story of joining this team is a bit unusual. It all started when I was in a marketing class at the University of Louisville. My professor asked graduates in sales or marketing positions to come in and talk about their jobs. The most interesting of the speakers was Kara DeLost, Marketing Specialist at LEAP. She made her job sound like a blast! After the class ended, I introduced myself to Kara and asked about any internship opportunities. I sent her my resume and shortly after Kara received a package from me via mail delivery. The package contained a shoe box and in the shoe box, there was one shoe and a note. The note read, “Now that I’ve got my foot in the door, can I get an interview?” Shortly after I was offered an internship position at LEAP.

Starting on day one, I was given responsibility for projects that included working with internationally recognized companies. Talk about jumping right in! My specialty is search engine optimization (SEO). The short description of my job is that my goal is to improve the content of websites to increase their likelihood of appearing higher on search engine rankings like Google or Bing. This line of work is very exciting because everything is always changing and the results of your work are seen by countless internet users. The fact that SEO is so broad means I also learn about a multitude of internet marketing topics including website creation, pay per click, content marketing, and social media marketing to just name a few.

Some of my SEO tasks include: link building, keyword recommendations, competitor analysis review, meta content creation, content distribution, blog writing, website submission, and SEO proof reading. All of these tasks allow me to see the “big picture” for our clients’ internet marketing strategy. One thing I have learned that really sticks out is that having a long term SEO plan is the most effective strategy to increase web presence. This means it’s most beneficial to hire an expert that keeps up with all the changes, even if it means paying more up front. The SEO expert I work under is Brittany Burdoine-Lewis. Any company is lucky to have Brittany managing their SEO strategy as she is a quick learner and excels at long term planning.

A great aspect of working with LEAP is the culture. Everyone has been very welcoming and wants to ensure my experience here is a beneficial one. There seems to be an unspoken rule that having fun while working is expected. Weekly the team gets to connect and learn from other departments to learn about exciting projects that are being pursued. Overall, I am learning everything that I expected and much more. Check back soon to see what I’m up to!

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