May 27, 2013

New LEAP Intern “Jumps!” Into Her New Role

My name is Lauren Baldridge and I am the most recent newbie here at LEAP. Welcome to my first blog post ever as I begin my journey as the JUMP! intern for LEAP! In addition to beginning my days as an LEAP intern, I will also be finishing my senior year at the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in the fall.

To say I have “hit the ground running” is such a cliché, but true. This is my first experience working for a digital marketing agency and want to soak up as much information and experience as I can.  Just in my first week, I have learned the ropes of project management software, sat in on both client and internal meetings, refined some formatting tactics, learned the ins and outs of WordPress, and developed business proposals. Whew!

Even though I am the newest intern here, it’s clear to me that LEAP is so much more than one individual department. Each department is constantly collaborating with another, which is an identifier of dynamic teamwork. Not only that, but everyone at the agency works together toward client and agency goals. Based on the interactions I have had with others in the agency, I can tell that LEAP is a strategic full service agency that will help my professional growth.

I really look forward to my time here at LEAP as an intern. I hope to experience more client meetings, projects, research, and whatever tasks lie ahead! Since I am just getting started here, be sure to continue checking the LEAP blog as I take my first steps into the digital marketing world!

[Contributed by Lauren Baldridge, Jump! Intern]