Aug 23, 2013

LEAP Welcomes New Client Services Intern, Maria D’Addeo

It wasn’t the awesome employees, the stockpile of awards, or the new trendy internal rebrand of LEAP that encouraged me to work here. In fact, it was the lime green walls. Yep, that’s right; I work at LEAP because my favorite color is green and so is theirs.

Just kidding…kind of.

Maria D'Addeo, LEAP Client Services InternMy name is Maria D’Addeo and I am officially the newest of the new at LEAP! In actuality, I did chose to work at LEAP because of the awesome employees, stock pile of awards, and the new trendy internal rebrand. The lime green walls were just an added plus. My first introduction to LEAP was before they decided to “ixnay” the frog. Back in January, I was assigned a mentor for my Advanced Professional Selling class. Kara DeLost, a LEAP employee at the time, was the lucky chosen one. It all started when I shadowed her for a day at LEAP and it all went downhill from there (ha, jokes again!). Actually, the moment I stepped through those doors I could tell this was going to be an awesome place. The comfortable atmosphere and welcoming employees were the first things that caught my attention and have stayed with me since. A few months later when I was searching for internship positions, Kara mentioned that one had just opened up as a Client Service Intern. I LEAPed (see what I did there) right on it and was chosen for the position starting mid-August! In addition to my fall internship, I am also finishing up my senior year as a student-athlete pursuing degrees in marketing and finance all the while trying to hold a social life.

Aside from the minor technical problems (if me going through three computers is minor), my first week has gone extremely smooth. This is my first internship with a digital marketing agency and what an eye opening experience it has been! In class we learn about the basics and essentials of the marketing world, but actually being in a working atmosphere, there is more than meets the eye. I’ve been introduced to terms and software such as SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), SMM (social media marketing) and AtTask. It’s crazy to think that these are foreign words to a marketing major, especially since they are what LEAP is all about!

Since I’ve been here I have sat in countless meetings (client related and internal) and, in addition to all of the cool new digital marketing lingo, I’ve noticed how well this company works as a team. During these meetings, you are feeding off of your colleagues’ ideas and throwing out your own without hesitation. An even greater part about your colleagues is that you are interacting with all of them, not just your department. I have been able to talk with a few people from other departments and learned how detail oriented each of their roles and responsibilities at LEAP are.

After just one week, I can tell this is going to be a busy, yet rewarding semester and I cannot wait to get the ball rolling! I’m diving into the digital marketing world feet first and am ready for whatever LEAP has to throw at me!


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