Sep 11, 2013

Understanding Social Media Marketing

At LEAP, many factors go into the development of a digital marketing strategy. All of the factors are split up into different departments that are run by their appropriate specialists. As an intern for LEAP, it’s important for me to understand each department and their duties. During my internship at LEAP, I plan to sit in with one person from each team and learn a thing or two about what their department does!

Recently, I learned that the first step to successful social media marketing requires obtaining in-depth knowledge about a company or brand. You want to be able to spit information back and forth with your audience since that’s what social media is…interaction!

Hailey Heishman, Marketing Coordinator at LEAP, works mainly on social media marketing strategies for a variety of clients in industries ranging from B2B and B2C. Other than LEAP, the company persona and audience may not be obvious to Hailey from the get-go. When a new client comes to LEAP for social media marketing and management services, Hailey’s first task is to research what the company does, what products or services they produce, learn the “ins and outs” of the company and industry, understand the company’s audience and develop a persona to speak to targets through social media. This step improves her knowledge and ability to provide interesting and engaging social media content.

Social media marketing can be done through a variety of social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are the most popular. Through each of these social platforms Hailey posts updates, writes blogs, and monitors the company’s online image and reputation. Other than direct mentions, monitoring can easily be done through keywords and hashtags associated with each brand and the company’s industry. Aside from the popular social media accounts, she also uses Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Delicious to distribute a client’s information and content to the interactive world.

When working with LEAP clients, keeping track of and organizing their content can become extremely confusing, if you’re not organized. Fortunately, Hailey uses scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and SproutSocial to effectively and efficiently monitor each brand’s page and mentions. These social media tools also allow Hailey the opportunity to plan out and write future posts and then schedule them to be posted. What a relief that is for her!

As a social media marketer, you must be very attentive, organized, and most importantly witty. You have to know how to bring the customers to your page and entice them to interact and engage with your brand – because of course, that’s what social media is…interaction!

I’m more than excited to begin learning about the digital marketing process and get to know a few new faces as well!


[Contributed by Maria D’Addeo, Client Services Intern]