Sep 27, 2013

How do we manage all of these digital marketing projects anyway?

As I continue my LEAP project to learn from the many experts at this digital agency, my next step was to sit with, who I like to call “The Heart of the Operation”, Andrew Bauer, Director of Project Management. Andrew’s primary responsibility is to keep the blood flowing through the agency and ensure the LEAPpeeps are on their toes completing client projects from website design and development to social media and search marketing.

Luckily, the day I was shadowing Andrew, LEAP had just sealed the deal with a new client! Not only was this a big event for the agency, but it also gave me the opportunity to understand what Andrew’s job entails from a fresh standpoint. When a new client hires LEAP, Andrew’s responsibility is exactly what his title reads, to manage the project from start to finish. He creates, organizes, and communicates the project so that all of LEAP’s marketing efforts are produced efficiently and effectively.

Once the contract is signed and the LEAP “Celebration Bell” has been rung, Andrew’s job begins. Andrew starts by creating a project through LEAP’s internal project management system. Through this process, Andrew will assign an account manager, a traffic coordinator, and one person from each agency department to begin working on the client’s project.

During the first of many meetings, the client and LEAP will discuss what digital marketing services are to be provided by LEAP. Services may include SEO, social media marketing and management, PPC, email marketing, website design and development, digital film, public relations and mobile marketing.

Throughout LEAP’s relationship with any client, Andrew’s most important responsibility is to make sure the project is finished on time and on budget. By doing so, Andrew monitors the project throughout the process in order to create a valuable experience for the client. Overall, project management is an important piece of the agency success pie.

Next, I’m shadowing Jump! account manager, Sabrina Wellendorff to learn more about working with small business clients and how their digital marketing needs may be different from larger, national brands. Stay tuned to find out what I learn.