Oct 04, 2013

Small Businesses Take Note - Jump! is Here with Your Digital Marketing Services

This week, in my quest to understand the roles and responsibilities that encompass a digital agency, I moved upstairs to meet with the awesome Jump! team. If you aren’t aware of Jump! powered by LEAP, fear not, I’ve come to the rescue.

Before I get started, I first want to give everyone a little insight on what the Jump! team is all about. Jump! is a division of LEAP that works with small and medium-sized businesses. What constitutes a small or medium-size business is their budget for their marketing efforts, not how big of a company they are. The Jump! team controls over four-hundred clients including Louisville Regional Airport Authority, HR Affiliates, PetSuites of America, Derby Dinner Playhouse, and Fibreworks to name a few.

I was blessed with the presence of the lovely, Sabrina Wellendorff and Lauren Baldridge. Sabrina is the Account Manager and Lauren is the Account Coordinator of Jump!. Jump! is directed by Lauren Weber who, fortunately for the company yet unfortunate for me, was out of the office that day at a client meeting. Along with Lauren2 and Sabrina is Don Hansen, the interactive developer.  

Now the fun part: a day in the life of a Jump-ster! Sabrina and Lauren B. took me through the ins and outs of the Jump! team. As a Jump-ster, the team’s tasks include hosting and supporting company websites and implementing digital marketing services such as SEO and social media.

The Jump! team definitely made an impressive presentation while I was shadowing them. With a small team, they know how to work effectively and efficiently to meet their clients’ needs. Between constantly answering new client calls/emails/RFP’s, writing new business proposals, and staying sane, they are able to still keep up with the large amount of faithful current clients!

With all that being said, keep your eyes and ears open, friends. These Jump-sters won’t stop here - I hear they have a nuevo cliente on board ;) (hush, hush).  Check out their website www.leapfrogjump.com and see what they are all about!