When Results Hang In the Balance...Logic and Magic Will Save the Day!
This issue revolves around the theme of results. We discuss how to increase ROI, reduce ramp-up time, and find ways to drive more value from your marketing investment.

When Results Hang In the Balance...Logic and Magic Will Save the Day!

Summer 2010

Your Customers Want to Talk, so Why not Listen?

by: Emily Van Winkle

Have you ever had to wait outside of a dressing room for someone battling fashion indecision? Trust me, it can get really frustrating really fast if shirt after shirt after shirt seems to always have some detail that just doesn’t match the buyer’s style. It could be something as small as the placement of a button that deters the person from buying the shirt, but without direct access to this decision process, designers may never understand what goes into it.

Well, thanks to the accessibility of social media, designers now have the chance to get this kind of feedback so that they can listen, learn, and fit their creations to their customers. all it takes is a small effort to put your brand out there.

One of the strongest you can use social media to their feedback to make your benefits of social media is refine your sales strategy by product even better, thereby the automatic feedback you listening to what is being said. Increasing the likelihood of get from your audience. if if a skirt fits a little awkwardly buyers loving the skirt and your customers don’t like on most women, take their telling their friends something about your product, words into consideration and about it.

Unlike 10 years ago, it is now easier to make predictions for how well the public will receive new fashions. as an example, the next time Victoria’s Secret airs its renowned fashion show on television, go to your Facebook and Twitter pages and just watch. I guarantee many of your friends or followers will be talking about the show. they’ll also provide more detailed feedback, like if they see an outfit that they love but would never wear, or if they see one that they think is just plain horrendous. this is the beauty of social media. It gives brands the opportunity to weigh audience reactions and discover the pieces that everyone’s talking about. 

Social profiles also work this is your place to shine! want to know why you did fantastically as personal use your fan pages to things the way you did. they brand sounding boards. is connect to your brand want to feel connected to a there a reason your fashion loyalists. share your passion brand—and social media is line focuses on a certain with them to give them a just the way to do this.

The iPad is already affecting the fashion industry in a big way.

Not only do consumers have the ability to scroll through articles and photos the same way that they would for traditional print pieces, they can also find out more about your products and even be taken straight to the point of sale with a few taps. The iPad enables next-generation consumers to browse videos, behind- the-scenes images, and product suggestions with ease. your products come to life on the iPad with the perfect mix of information, imagery and interaction. letting the user determine their personal experience with your fashion line will greatly influence whether or not your line fits their personality. if your mobile presentation fits well with their active lifestyles, they will be more inclined to see how your fashions can do the same.