Public Relations & Social Media Taste Better Together
On a personal level, getting friends to follow, like, retweet or pin something you post is pretty simple. But what about getting 1000 friends to do that, or 1 million? In this issue we explore the challenge for brands and provide real-world insight into what we see working in the marketplace.

Public Relations & Social Media Taste Better Together

Winter 2012

Home Sweet New Home

by: Team LEAP
On Friday, May 25, 2012 LeapFrog Interactive officially opened its new doors at 2500 Technology Drive. The new office space has an open floor plan, promoting impromptu brainstorms, and open communication.

“Our old office space created a silo effect, keeping every department contained to their core group,” said Alan Gilleo, Chief Creative Officer at LeapFrog Interactive. “When we bought the warehouse it was purposeful – we wanted to encourage melding between departments. We still conduct business through our LFI process, but now we can better infuse our culture into the process.”

The colorful murals, high ceilings and modern-industrial aesthetic harbor a superior creative environment that’s perfect for brainstorming, hosting industry events, and the occasional game of keep away. And, with plenty of room to grow, the LFI family plans to call 2500 Technology Drive home for many years to come.