The Best of Digital 2014
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The Best of Digital 2014

Summer 2014

Time to shift gears? - refresh and re-launch your brand identity with this simple road map.

by: Daniel Knapp and Alan Gilleo
Know Who You Are

Know who you are. Identify the products or services that your company is (or can become) the very best in the world at providing. And, if you don’t know, ask your customers. Look into conducting product comparisons, competitive analyses, customer surveys and focus groups.

Nobody enjoys “mediocre.” It’s difficult to sell, hard to service and support, and not all that enjoyable to produce. So stop doing it.

This is your brand bus and your leadership team must be on-board.
Clarify the Purpose for your Brand

Clarify the purpose for your brand. What is your brand’s destination? Why does your brand exist? What good does it offer the world? What does its future look like? How is it getting there? You can’t inspire confidence in your brand if you don’t know these basics.

Map out your vision and nail down your mission statement. Determine your brand pillars and differentiators.

What do they say about your brand or your product when they don’t think you’re listening?
Get On Or Get Out

Get on or get out. This is your brand bus and your leadership team must be on-board or they need to be replaced. There can be no seat for those who aren’t all-in.

With your reconstituted leadership team, define what matters to you and what you hold dear. Discover your values at an alignment retreat with key stakeholders.


Fix your environment. Walk in the front door of your business sometime today and take the time to absorb your environment. What do you hear, what do you see, what do you smell, what do you feel? If any sensory input doesn’t ring true to why you exist, where your brand is going, what you value, or what matters to your organization…then you have some remodeling and redecorating to do!

Listen To Your Employees

Listen to your employees. How do they answer the phone? How do they speak to each other? How do they speak to you? If any of this employee communication does not ring true to your new brand direction, fix it! How? Publish your new brand tenets, train your employees on them, and lead by example. Express your expectations clearly, and hold your employees to them. Conduct training sessions, employee evaluations, and revamp your signage to reflect your new identity.


Bring in experts. With your internal house in order and the reality of your brand solid, it’s time to start thinking about communicating and conveying your brand to the world. Align with the right team of experts to build a strategic marketing and communication plan for your brand. Think about your brand bible, your marCom strategy, content strategy, and social & PR plans.


Visually refresh EVERYTHING. Reinvigorating your brand requires a change, and nothing undermines that message quite like yesterday’s visuals. You’ll want a new logo, tagline, and website. Refresh all collateral materials, social properties, and branded content and make it shine with your new look and feel.

This is all about building excitement and passion about the new brand.
Time For The Big Debut

Time for the big debut. Unveil your new identity at a company-wide re-launch party. Make this big, make it required, and make it something your employees never forget. Think food, drinks, giveaways, and lots of fun. Show them the launch plan. Share your energy.

This is all about building excitement and passion about your new brand. You’ve already conveyed it to them. This is about inspiring them to share it everywhere.


Protect yourself. The excitement of reinvigorating and re-launching your brand to the world can sometimes overtake the pragmatic. But take the time to deal with copyrights and trademarks properly. Buy up all of the domain names that use your business name, tagline, or primary marketing messages. Make sure you have met all state and international requirements, and lawyer up for an extra level of safety.

With Every Channel At Full Throttle, Go All Out

With every channel at full throttle, go all out. Pull every lever possible to let your clients, prospects, and general public know that your brand is back—bigger, badder, and better than ever. Leverage any broadcast buys, your email marketing campaign, your social channels, and corporate communications. This is the new you. Love it, show it off and own it.