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The Best of Digital 2014

Summer 2014

Your Story in Motion

by: Brandon Faris & Ryan Woolfolk
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Every day, more than 100 million people watch online videos, and approximately 80% remember the video ads they watch online. Want your brand to create video content but not sure where to start? Here are 10 videos your brand can make right now.

Explainer Video

This simple, one- to two-minute video creates a “moment of insight” that customers and prospects can’t deny. Typically in the form of animation, this video uses humor and engaging visuals to make a product, idea, or brand promise “click.” An explainer video can also serve as a dynamic and easily shareable version of your company’s elevator pitch.

Brand Documentary

A brand documentary gets to the heart of the matter and humanizes businesses with emotional visuals, music and story. Showcase something unique about your leadership, or highlight really cool, interesting facets of your brand. The rule of thumb for duration is a bit loose, but depending on how compelling the storyline, a brand documentary can range between three- to seven-minutes.

How To Video

Find the category where your brand excels, and teach people how to do it better. A good how-to video should be very specific and offer detailed directions. People love to learn in nuggets, so break up your process into several chapters. For instance, break up a five-minute video into snappy one-minute chunks and distribute across a multitude of platforms.

Staff Bio

People connect with people. Find people in your company who you want to feature and make micro-documentaries about them. This way, in just one- to two-minutes, you can build trust and credibility through their stories, not yours. Show your people as they do what they love, and smother the story with personality. If you can, shoot in slow motion. This helps create a sense of emotion, and—everyone looks cooler in slow motion.

Product Feature

Your business has some sort of “rockstar” product or service. Highlight that product with a teaser or trailer. Anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds is enough time to create interest that invites the viewer to learn more. In addition, creating this type of content will afford you another opportunity to win coveted SEO space. Video hosting sites give you plenty of room to tag, title and populate your video with relevant keywords, helping your product be found by the people who are searching for it.

Branded Video

More and more companies are creating and partnering with filmmakers to create live action film and TV content that subtly leverages a brand. For instance if you make car wax, produce a show about cars. You’ll find a way to connect the dots and your audience will love the content. BMW and H&M are great examples of brands creating interesting content—from short chase scenes to energized music videos, they keep the brand top-of-mind and ready for recall.

Cause Video

People love a “feel good” moment. Find a non-profit cause that your company aligns with or highlight one that you already support. Create a video that promotes the cause and shows how your company is a part of it, but without being too proud or boastful. Authentic stories of social responsibility can go a long way in developing brand affinity and loyalty.

Viral Video

Disclaimer: IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A VIRAL VIDEO. But online video is extremely easy to share, and you can incorporate elements that could go “viral.” This usually means extending your margin of comfort and willingness to fail—lots and lots of times. A good rule of thumb is that people tend to share the “UN’s:” unbelievable, unexpected, unapologetic, and unfiltered. Be careful and smart, but remember—no video will ever go viral if you don’t post it.

Behind The Scenes

Everyone asks, “How did they do that?” Show them! A behind-the-scenes video is a great way to further establish your position as an industry leader. When you show people a peek behind-the-scenes, they are more willing to trust that you know what you’re doing and they feel like they are on the “inside.”

Stop Motion

There’s something magical about inanimate objects coming to life, and stop motion always delivers. This technique is also a good way to breathe life into your product and make it the star of the show. Think about it. It’s hard to connect with a paperclip, but when a filmmaker makes it dance or spins it through the rain, the audience can feel its energy. What can you bring to life for someone today?

Digital film director Brandon Faris and motion graphics guru Ryan Woolfolk create video content all day long for LEAPframe.

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