Jan 12, 2007

Writing and the Web: Like Fried Ice Cream

I've always loved writing--I was one of those weird kids who even loved the essay questions in grade school. The web is a much newer passion, but just as intense. So when I got the opportunity to work here at LEAP doing copywriting for the web, it was like finding out about fried ice cream: you love Mexican food, you love dessert, and now you discover you can combine the two? How great is that?

Ultimately, I love writing and the web for many of the same reasons. I appreciate the fluid exchange of ideas, the flow of communication, and the way ideas grow and develop in the process of being shared are common to both the process of writing and the medium of the internet.

Web-based self-publishing companies like Lulu.com and iUniverse have opened up new doors for writers in the same way that the internet and the long tail have opened up doors in music. Web-based events like NaNoWriMo promote writing globally, and do a little bit of good in the world to boot.

The internet began as a method for linking reams and reams of technical documentation, and sharing them collaboratively. It developed into a very visual, design-oriented medium during the first big phase of growth. Now, in the next phase of the web, relevant content is again becoming King, and the need for copy that is well-written and clear for both search engines and human visitors is apparent.

Like Bogart at the end of Casablanca, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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