Mar 05, 2007

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Website

OK guys - this will be a quick one today and goes under the category of rants. I was watching television with my family last night, enduring a commercial about life insurance and was actually moved by the subject. While insured, I can always do better and as I looked at my 4 children and my beautiful wife, I said to myself, "I should look these guys up on the web and get some more information." So I watched the commercial with my laptop in hand just waiting for that URL and it never came!!!

Here is a reputable company with no mention of a website - just some 800 number I could never remember and would surely forget in the time it would take to find the bloomin' phone (did I mention I have 4 kids). I started to watch every commercial that night and found over half of them did not mention a website, did not mention an extension of their business open 24/7, did not give me a chance to convert for them, interested or not.

We harp on being part of the conversation, about meeting customers at every point we have access to here at LEAP - not listing your website on other media is like showing up at your local networking dinner without a business card. Crazy man, CRAZY!

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