May 07, 2007

Saving my brain, one app at a time: FeedBlitz

I'm always on the lookout for new applications and tools to help keep me organized, and streamline my workday. (Because, like most geeks, I have a "twisted skein of attention deficit issues"). In fact, for the last year or so, I refer to it as "the quest for The One App," the one application that will tie up those attention deficit issues into a nice neat bow, and keep everything I need to know handy at all times. The One App to Rule Them All. I haven't found The One App (yet), but I have found a new solution for keeping up with RSS feeds that eliminates at least one extra step from my workflow.

Keeping up on the latest news (not to mention gossip) in interactive marketing circles is pretty critical to my job. However, remembering to check my feed reader daily was just one more to-do that kept dropping off the "to-done" list most days.

Enter FeedBlitz. FeedBlitz serves up your favorite RSS feeds by sending you an email summary of new content daily. So now I don't have to remember to check both my email and my feedreader. I know it doesn't sound like much, but any time I can eliminate even one extra task and still get the same amount of work accomplished, I consider it cause for celebration.

Yes, I know there are programs you can pay for which will also turn your Outlook into a feed reader. But I also like avoiding paying for services that I can get for free.

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