Mar 28, 2008

Interactive Contests and Pay Per Click Advertising

This month we have been talking about online contests, but what happens after you choose your contest idea and logistics? Promoting and marketing your promotion can sometimes be as confusing as the legal rules and regulations regarding your contest, but I would like to give you one oftentimes forgotten piece of the puzzle when marketing your online promotion: pay per click.

The traditional means of marketing, including banner advertising or television advertising, only market to users by trying to gain their attention while they are doing other, sometimes related things. What if you could market to your users as they were searching for promotions of your kind? Pay per click is a means of being found not only for search traffic in general, but also for a specific purpose. There are thousands of searches performed each month for contests and promotions related to video, writing, and photo, to name a few. Why not have your promotion front and center in the pay for placement listings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines? Cutting through the clutter in banner advertising, for example, becomes more difficult than a pay per click ad because users are on that site for another purpose. When a user types in "online promotions" as a search query you know they are looking for promotions and are ready to click.

Pay per click offers something other advertising avenues do not and that is instant traffic. Not only that but you can track your traffic more effectively online than traditional advertising methods.

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