Aug 27, 2008

Channel Challenges

For most brands, at least some benefit can be found in every marketing channel. This is especially true of interactive marketing, where the channels represent every possible demographic and interest. The vast majority of marketers have realized that interactive is an essential component of their marketing strategy, but finding the right channels is still challenging for many.

There are two issues I have noticed that are typically responsible for this challenge:

1. Interactive channels are always changing With the rapid change in interactive technologies, it's no surprise that anyone not solely focused on interactive marketing has trouble keeping up. Even for those who do have a focus, it is simply not possible for one person to keep up with the changes in all interactive channels.

2. Channels are looked at independently.

When brands fail to integrate their interactive marketing channels (with both online and offline efforts) they lose a significant amount of value. Interactive channels enhance each other, providing greater efficiency, awareness, and conversion. A significant online presence can also ensure the greatest return from awareness created offline.For both of these challenges there is a simple solution: engage your interactive agency earlier in the process. While we are happy to execute a specific campaign or implement a single program for our clients, we can provide the greatest value when our expertise is brought in during the strategy and planning phases.

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