Dec 14, 2010

iPad: The Ultimate Business Machine for Digital Marketers

With the onslaught of tablets in the market for this holiday season, one remains on top of the heap and likely on many wish lists: the Apple iPad. I am what folks would call an early adopter when it comes to electronics, but I only stay true to the ones that provide real business benefit. And I have found the iPad to be all that it promises.

There are three iPad apps I have discovered that proved to me iPad’s business capabilities:

+ NoteTaker HD: A powerful note-taking tool, this application allows the use of a stylus (available on Amazon or at your local Apple store) for written notes that can easily be sent via email in a .pdf format. This has revolutionized my business life as I have not had to have a real pen in my hand since I got the iPad.
+ LogMeIn Ignition: This application allows me to log onto my work computer. Downloaded on my work computer and iPad, this nifty setup allows me to replace my laptop with the truly mobile iPad and has turned my laptop into a desktop.

+ Air Display: This application allows me to add a third screen to my computer setup in the office and to actually view Flash on the iPad. This comes in handy when providing training and during meetings. Amazing!

While there are literally thousands of apps, these are three I use on a daily basis and have helped me turn this device into a true business asset!

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