Jan 23, 2011

Email, Social Combined: Form of a Giant Marketing Tool!

I guess I am showing my age with that title, and if you don’t catch the reference, I am old enough to be your father….

As we start the new year, I offer a reminder: Email is not dead. And it will only get stronger.

If you combine your social media tactics with your existing email plan you can create a powerful platform. It is rather simple: start placing content from social spaces in your emails. If you send a regular newsletter, begin using questions and answers from Facebook. Using Twitter? Start placing your five latest tweets into your email. If you are not already, ask email users to join you on the social spaces by providing links; the same is true for social spaces — start asking social users to sign-up for your email communications. You'd be surprised how quickly your database grows when you allow users to share your content. 

A few simple steps? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely.

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