Feb 11, 2011

Email Marketing: Back to Basics

As a digital marketing agency, LEAP is always looking for the next best thing — a technology, a service offering, an upgrade — that broadens our integrated marketing capabilities and service to our clients. On the other hand, with all the new technology and wonderfully innovative ways to explore digital advertising, we understand the necessity to take out and dust off our good ol’ Internet standards each marketing year.

Lately, I’ve noticed that many of our fellow marketing agencies have begun treating email marketing like the redheaded stepchild — it has its place, but is not worth much.

With the dawn of actionable analytics, we now know so much more about our clients and prospects — and so much more about how they behave and respond to messages we put in front of them in the digital space.

We should all be taking knowledge we’ve learned and applying it to the next phase(s) of our email campaigns. In short, my takeaways from 2010 are as follows:

  • Don’t make the mistake of foregoing actionable analytics — track something that matters
  • Find out what content drives clicks and utilize that in your next newsletter
  • Get creative with your testing strategies — find out what time of day generates the highest activity on your website and choose that time for your next email send

Remember that email, like all things digital, performs better when integrated with the knowledge we already have sitting in nice, neat little dashboards. Take it to the next level, people!


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