Oct 17, 2011

Betting the Farm on Mobile

There aren’t many guarantees in life, except for the normal stuff — death, taxes, aches, pains. But, I have a guarantee for you: bet the farm on mobile. If you aren’t making mobile a large part of your advertising and marketing efforts, you will lose.

Watch any primetime sports or network television show this evening and count the number of ads for mobile devices (phones and tablets). The TV ad industry would have already become a victim if it weren’t for mobile, automotive and alcohol.

As we begin to use our mobile devices as wallets, we become even closer to bridging the digital gap. Eventually, all we will need is the phone in our pocket to carry out every transaction, find every direction, interact with every brand, and find any information we have ever stored.

Cloud storage is also making the storage on a mobile device a moot point. Amazon just released the Kindle Fire with 8 gigs of storage — more than needed since most of the storage will happen in their cloud. Gone will be the days of having to load your music every time you pick up a new device.

So, if your brand has not embraced mobile marketing as the future, you better get in the game.

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