Jun 03, 2013

The Future of Search: Google Glass and Your Voice

Imagine a world where you say to your phone or glasses, “Restaurants in Downtown Cincinnati” and your device displays almost immediately the most popular restaurants, with the best reviews in downtown Cincinnati.  Wait, that day is here already on some devices, using Siri or Google Voice on the Android!  But what will happen with Google Glass as it enters the arena of search marketing?

While Google Instant changed search forever, it tries to make an educated guess and displays results as you are typing. I believe Google Glass and voice search will be another revolution. 

Imagine a device that doesn’t care about your webpage, but about the information contained within it.  Mobile search is growing increasingly more important for consumer based products and services.  A car dealership, for example, would be very interested in mobile searches because they have a physical location.  If you said to your Google Glass, ‘Okay glass, Google Kia dealerships in Cincinnati’ glass would not bring up a website, it would bring up locations on a map and direct you to them.  With the movement away from traditional websites and the immergence of mobile applications, SEO’s and marketing professionals know one thing for sure: everything constantly changes. 

While mobile devices like the Android are meant to browse the web, Google Glass is not.  It’s really meant for information.  Where is something, who is someone, text someone etc.   We all know that this is the first edition of Google Glass, and it’s just going to get better and better.  My guess is that it’s the future, and here is why.  It’s wearable.  While some creepy guys may wear Glass in the bathroom, for the most part I believe that Glass will become just as common as tablets.  I remember, years ago, when I was skeptical of the tablet.  Why would anyone want a small version of a computer that is difficult to type with, can do limited functions, is expensive and really isn’t much better than a small laptop computer.  I was wrong in a fantastic way.  Tablets have really taken hold because they filled a different niche that we didn’t know existed.   Sales people present with them, service professionals use them to stay in contact with headquarters and dads like me use them to entertain my 3 year old with powerful learning apps and the occasional Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix. 

So what should you do to continue to help your website rank high?  The one word that many love to hate: content.  No matter what happens, Google will always value good content.  Google’s overall goal is to connect people to what they are searching for on the Internet, whichever device they are using.  If you speak it, type it or in the future think it, the goal is to help Google’s users FIND IT.  Making content that people want is key.  If you are a car dealership in Cincinnati, make sure to focus on SEO efforts and the more good quality content you create that is relevant, the more your efforts will pay off.  Pay attention to Google+ as we see it will continue to integrate into other Google devices and services, like Google Glass

Even with voice search emerging, let’s not forget the overall goal of a search engine and it’s products: to connect you, the searcher, with what you are truly looking for.  When you, the business or marketer, create the content a searcher is looking for, and its high quality, valuable, and optimized for search, you will be found. 

[Contributed by Nathan Engels, SEO specialist]

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