Jun 12, 2013

SES Toronto: Meet Me at The Experts Roundtable

SES Toronto begins on June 12 and will mark the first time LEAP has participated in an international conference. Thousands of marketing and SEO professionals will descend on Toronto discussing industry events like Google’s Penguin update as well as trends such as content marketing.  SES is one of the world’s largest search engine conferences and I’m excited to attend. 

I applied to be a speaker at SES because I love search. I love talking about it, keeping up with trends, learning new things from other thought leaders and most of all speaking with people who don’t have to Google:‘What does SEO mean.’  

I will be at the Experts Roundtable hosting a discussion on Content Marketing. Content marketing is a very simple idea that really isn’t new, but getting a lot of attention recently. The basic principle of content marketing is this: produce high quality content that adds value.  So many times I visit company blogs only to find ‘blog posts’ that are essentially sales pitches. When is the last time you wanted to read a sales pitch. NEVER. No one wants to read content like that. The principles of content marketing encourage brands to write compelling content that is usually NOT about themselves, but about a relevant field. If you produce valuable content, it will get shared. The brand will also have something to feed the social media machine. Instead of sharing boring marketing memes repeatedly, you can share your content and have your fans spread it.  

Content marketing isn’t new. Bloggers do is every day and good bloggers do it right. They produce high quality compelling content for their readers. Those readers then share it, spread it, talk about it and the blogger gets the benefits of producing good content: traffic and recognition. Companies and brands are taking this model and on top of the potential web traffic and recognition, there is real brand awareness and market share to be gained. While bloggers generally don’t sell anything, companies do.

This will be my second Search Engine Strategies Conference and I’m excited to attend.  I attended SES NYC in March and it was extremely insightful. I hope to gain insight from thought leaders and innovators in search engine marketing. Google is very complicated and learning ways to rank better can be extremely beneficial to clients. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I share my experience and key take-aways. 


[Contributed by Nathan Engels, SEO specialist]

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