Jun 17, 2013

Where do you start with Vine?

When Vine was first released over a year ago, I was skeptical. How could anyone enjoy a 6 second video? I mean, if you really think about it, what can be accomplished in 6 seconds?  A year later I’m ADDICTED. Vine has become one of my favorite emerging social media applications, much like Instagram. It captures the imagination, inspires creativity, allows me to escape into mindless laughter and has massive potential for brands. 

Basics of Vine
Vine is a video-sharing application for only mobile devices like the iPhone and Android. It allows the user to record up to 6 second short videos. Each video loops automatically and is available in Twitter’s timeline. Much like Twitter, users develop followings and views have the ability to like, comment and follow whomever they choose.

Vine is owned by Twitter, so it has staying power. I personally am a Vine addict. I currently follow over 50 people and look forward to their short videos every day. The app reminds me a lot of Instagram because it has a scrollable feed where you view all of your followers ‘vines’ or videos. 

Making your own videos is also very easy. Vine will walk you through the process, helping you understand how it all works. Don’t be scared, it’s not too difficult. To get started, basically hold your finger on the screen to record, get creative, and bam, you’re vining!

Why Vine is Going to Become Successful
I love Vine. To me, it’s a stress reliever that really makes me laugh out loud literally, connect with celebrities that are creative and brands that are leading the mobile video revolution. Vine doesn’t allow outside video to be used. That means ONLY video recorded with your phone can be uploaded. So with that in mind, watch this video and then try to imagine how they did it.

Amazingly creative people that make amazing short videos. It’s like watching a movie in six seconds. Vine is a powerful mobile app for many brands to communicate and participate in the conversation. 

Who should you follow on Vine?
There are so many creative and amazing people, but these are my favorite vine users.  They are extremely popular and innovative with the app. They are the thought leaders.  They are people others imitate. Whether you are a brand, blogger or an agency professional, these people will get you exposed to Vine and help you understand what it’s all about. Go back and view their previous vines, even if they have 100 of them, they are only 6 seconds each, which means you’ll only burn about 10 minutes. 

Marcus Johns

Marcus has a massive following and for good reason. Funny, attractive, young and keeps it clean. He knows his audience, isn’t afraid to think out of the box and is extremely creative. Doing something you wouldn’t expect has helped him become one of the most followed viners. 


The most amazing stop motion artist you will find. He is based in Kuwait and creates the most amazing videos that defy logic. Remember all videos are created ONLY with your phone.

Jerome Jarre

Have you ever wanted to yell ‘WooHoo’ in a crowded room of people and see what happens? Jerome does it and gets hilarious reactions. Combined with his French accent he is worth following.

David Lopez

David makes creative fun lighthearted vines that will make you laugh. Often caught in embarrassing situations that happen to everyone David ensures you will smile. 

KC James

KC often collaborates with other viners and is one of the most followed vine users. He generally uploads funny videos, such as ‘How to Recover from an Embarrassing Fall’. He is a must watch .

Meagan Cignoli

Meagan is a photographer for the stars. She travels and you get to experience her photo shoots with her. She often uses stop motion to make pictures come alive. 

Chris D’elia

Chris is better known as the star from NBC’s Whitney, has become a Vine sensation. His ‘that’s obvious’ vines are remade by countless users. Although he can be somewhat crude at times, he is sure to make you laugh. 

Jordan Burt

Multiple personalities are all the rage on Vine. Jordan or maybe its Dennis really has become a Vine sensation. Check him out. 

Nick Confalone

Nick does hilarious lighthearted voice over videos with his infant son and a giraffe. They are funny and very cute and his little boy enjoys every minute.

Jason Coffee

Other than loving coffee, Jason does amazing voice overs with his kids. He is based in Hawaii and his kids willingly participate in amazing, creative voice-overs that make me laugh every time. 

Rob Johnston

Ever wanted to smile in a giant bowl of lucky charms? This guy does. He brings funny to Vine in a very unique way. 


Who knew construction paper was cool. Khoa has been featured on CNN, Mashable and other well know media outlets. He animates using construction paper and tells a story. A must follow!

Please leave a comment if you have other Vine users that you love and enjoy. This is by far not a complete list. There are so many great Viners, we’d spend days listing them all.


[Contributed by Nathan Engels, SEO Specialist & Blogger]

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