Aug 28, 2013

Louisville Bloggers Get Inside Scoop On SEO Tactics

This past weekend, we held a great event at LEAP with Louisville Bloggers. What had started as a meet-and-greet over lunch one day, turned into a simpatico relationship that warranted a larger venue, and tangible takeaways. And, while we did have a TON of food, that wasn’t the takeaway.

I provided, based on years of experience (read: failures and success), some really easy, applicable SEO tactics that local bloggers could implement that very day.

Group of Louisville bloggers at LEAPThe purpose of workshops like this, whether it’s for an agency, brand, or blogger, is to educate one side of the equation (bloggers) how to work with the other side (Google and Agencies). I recently took part as a guest blogger for another blogger I know, and talked about the shift I have undergone from blogger to SEO Specialist. Working within the walls of an ad agency has given me a behind-the-scenes look if you will to how they approach brand strategy, pitches and partnerships. It opened my eyes to the fact, that while most marketing professionals may not understand how to pitch bloggers, there are a lot of bloggers who don’t know how to connect with brands and agencies. Specifically because they aren’t getting tagged correctly by search tools. It’s a simple fix, and one that would change the relationship between PR practitioner and blogger, if both sides changed their tactics a smidge.

This SEO workshop allowed me an opportunity to help others succeed in an atmosphere I feel very passionate about. By properly implementing some basic SEO tactics, like choosing the correct key-phrase and meta content, bloggers will be found more accurately by the right consumer, and the right brands. This could open up collaborations and partnerships that neither side had dreamt of!  Think of the traffic potential!

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