Sep 25, 2013

Increasing Organic Traffic 120% through Social Media

Ranking better on keywords is HARD. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I ran into a gentleman at a meetup recently and after I asked what he did, he replied, ‘Oh I get people to rank first on Google.’ Okay….rightttt! That’s like so 2011 right? SEO’s know what I’m talking about. Stating that as a company motto is a mistake. A GOOD SEO company should want to help you rank better, set reasonable benchmarks, and anyone who makes guarantees 1st place rankings is probably selling you a bill of goods you DON’T want. 

I’m an SEO at heart. I have a few blogs but I truly love SEO. It’s an art. Links, content, keywords, metas; painting with a little Style, Elegance and yes Oil (look at me having fun with an acronym) and you’ll have a beautiful work of digital art. So whenever I test something on my personal blog and it works I always love to share it. My blogs together have a combined traffic of about 300,000 unique visitors per month. That means I generally I can get really good data quickly because of the large traffic volume.

This post is going to focus on my food blog, WannaBite. WannaBite over the last 3 months has experienced a massive traffic growth. I started a new and very aggressive social strategy that is working better than I could have imagined. I already have good content, a cornerstone of SEO/content marketing, and my posts are highly optimized. So when my social campaign took off, my blog’s overall traffic grew from an average of 30,000 visitors a month to over 200,000. Talk about successful! While the visitors tend to be relatively low quality, meaning they bounce more than I’d like and don’t move very far into the site, this social strategy has affected my organic traffic in a big way.

First let’s take a look at my blog’s overall traffic comparing July 2013 to August 2013. 

Wannabite blog traffic increase

The statistics are amazing and basically speak for themselves. Total site traffic grew just over 300%. To me, that’s amazing. I was very impressed to see my social strategy working to increase total traffic to my blog. But as I was very busy looking at my social numbers and seeing what was working and where I could improve, I really wasn’t paying much attention to organic traffic at all.  I was optimizing, of course, all of my posts, but other then that, I really wasn’t doing anything special. So let’s take a quick peak at organic numbers: blog organic traffic increase

Fifty-nine percent in one month! YES!! As you can see we aren’t talking about little numbers either, we are talking about thousands and thousands of visitors. If we bring the graph out even further you can really see a nice trend line. blog organic traffic monthly trend

I personally think the week trend line is even more impressive. organic traffic weekly trend

So…what does all of this mean? Well, the bottom line is that social efforts have significant impact on SEO. When your overall traffic increases, there is a good chance that Google and other search engines will start ranking your content better.  I have focused on social media, but haven’t stopped ‘SEOing’ my posts.  The result: both areas benefitted. From the day I started my social strategy my organic traffic has climbed 120% and doesn’t show signs of stopping. 

I would strongly encourage you, your brand and your business to think outside the SEO box. Look at social media (especially Pinterest) as a way to increase your site’s overall traffic. Good social signals will help improve your site’s overall SEO.

I’ll share more details of my social experiment in a few months, when I have more data. Happy Optimizing! 

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