Oct 22, 2013

Why Losing Keyword Data from Google is a GOOD Thing

Is Losing Keyboard Data A Good Thing?

SEO’s are obsessed with keywords.  It borders on insane.  They are constantly looking at keywords, anchor text and in their quest for keyword perfection, sometimes they forget one of the most important things: Content.  I’m an SEO specialist at LEAP and while I pay close attention to keywords for clients, I care about something far greater and arguably more important: CONTENT.  Content makes the world go round and while that’s easy to say and almost a cliché, it’s true.  Good content is rarely punished by Google algorithm updates (which is nice).  I believe in content and storytelling, because in my spare time I blog and I blog A LOT.  In fact my blogs combined reach over 400,000 people monthly.  My magic sauce, well it's not so magical, it's just GOOD stories, good quality and unique content.

Instead of writing a crappy {yea I said it}, optimized to death article about how amazing your product is, consider writing about your niche or how to add to it.  Bloggers are constantly targeted because they are ‘influencers.’  Have you ever stopped to consider why they are influencers?  I mean if company XYZ is selling a product aren’t they passionate about that product?  Instead of writing junkie keyword heavy articles, why not focus on developing an audience for your content.  Find solid distribution models so that your content is consumed. 

Something is happening in many new and emerging social media platforms.  Regular people are looking to develop an audience.  Maybe they want to do it because they want to be popular, loved, adored, famous, whatever the reason, they are focusing on audience building.  Keywords are the past.  With secure search here to stay and secure browsers not allowing keywords to be passed to businesses, search professionals are going to have to eventually come to terms with the fact that you need to produce good content.  Seriously if a mom blogger can create a massive audience in under 12 months, why can’t you?  The difference is passion.  Being passionate about your brand both on and offline shines through.  Write content that matters and that you care about. Developing a voice or voices attracts an audience. And be real – be real about your brand’s passion and your passion for your audience.  Without keyword data, SEO’s will be even more likely to write good stuff, that people actually want to read, and that is a GOOD thing.  Trust me, you’ll sell more stuff if you do that anyway.    

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