Nov 19, 2013


GooTube Plus
If you haven’t been on YouTube lately you may not have noticed a massive change going on. YouTube has changed the way they incorporate comments into their videos. For years YouTubers could comment completely anonymously and boy did they. 

‘Hey you fatty, why don’t you go to the gym instead of making a video’ are mild compared to the profanity, racism, sexism and bullying that happens on YouTube.  One of Google’s solutions: force commenters onto Google plus and force them to show their faces.  Many including myself have seen this coming for a long time.  Google changed the YouTube login a few years ago to force you to use an email.  Google has also been moving to a universal login structure, which in many respects is a nice feature. 

But the commenters and YouTubers have been on a tantrum ever since this new change. They’ve started a petition on, they are leaving random comments on videos that mention that ‘Bob is building an army.’  Time magazine surprisingly has even made light of the change (and the backlash) in an article about GooTubePlus. 

So let’s talk Google’s strategy and the integration of Google, YouTube and Google+ and why it will continue and strengthen over the next few years.  Disclosure, I did not come up with GooTubePlus, I credit Ronnie Bincer for bringing the word to my attention and it’s ingenious.  The idea of GooTube+ is that Google will continue to interweave its major social and search properties together in order to increase the share of all three.  Many believe that Google+ is failing but I tend to disagree.  Google+ is the backbone of Google, and as Paul Colligan the author of YouTube Strategies: Making and Marketing Online Video told Time “They bet the farm on Google+ awhile ago.”  He is right.  Google believes the web is moving more social, and they are right.  They also believe that search will stay extremely important if not grow in importance.  So how can they marry the two in a way that makes a difference and has wide adoption?  Well they first start with influencers.  Influencers such as bloggers or video creators care about Google+.  They care deeply because they are rewarded if they use it.  This is the first key to adoption. Once influencers get on board, wider adoption is just a matter of time. 

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As a blogger myself, I’m on Google+.  I know that being on Google+ increases my search engine traffic, so I’m there.  I’m going to draw more and more of my audience to Google+ and over time it will grow.  Now if you are on YouTube, you must have a Google+ account.  I don’t care if you don’t want one, you’ll have one if you want to post ‘lol’ on the latest funny video that shows up in your YouTube feed.  The integration is incredible.  GooTubePlus is taking over the world, one blog post, video and search result at a time.  Get ready to love Google+, you probably already have an account, you just don’t know it yet. 

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